Activity Subjects

Activity Subjects

Activity Subjects Our process

• Non-Hazardous Waste Collection - Separation and Sales
• Safe Plastic Waste Recycling
• Plastic Packaging Waste Recycling
• Plastic Waste Recycling Outsource Manufacturing

Plastic raw material is produced by our company and they are used as raw materials in many sectors. Every time we produce environmentally friendly plastic raw materials in accordance with the same quality and the desired conditions.

In the construction sector

Waterproofing membrane, wrapping the mat anchors and production;

In the agricultural sector

Bale rope, flower pots, in the production of drip irrigation hoses;

Plastic packaging

Bubble wrap, upholsteries and industrial plastic garbage bags in production;

In the automotive sector

Isolation carpet, plastic interior parts and components in the production base plate;

In the furniture sector

Furniture star foot, arm rests and other plastic parts production;

In the hardware sector

In the case of the production team and toolboxes;